Year Recap: Thank You and Good Riddance 2019!

The title of this blog post sums up what 2019 was for me. In many ways I am thankful because a lot of great opportunities arose this last year but also, I question how I got through it.

It honestly felt like two years in one!

It's saddening that my last blog post was almost an entire year ago but, I've promised myself to stay away from social media as much as possible and update my blog as often as I can instead.

Work wise, 2019 showed out! My branding and consulting agency is officially registered in the state of Louisiana.

My very first clients were the event producers of Hispanicize, nationally known as the largest Latinx influencer conference. I am eternally grateful for the opportunity (thank you Monica for referring me! Shameless Plug: her podcast is great! I can't wait for Season 2. Listen in and support!) It was such a rewarding experience and honestly, I have the utmost respect for event producers who sacrifice too much to execute these projects. To know that I played a part in making this event as successful as it was is extremely fulfilling.

My current client is an agency producing Ms. Oprah Winfrey's 'Your Life in Focus' tour. Yes, you read that correctly. THE Oprah Winfrey! We just kicked off the tour in Fort Lauderdale.

On this tour, I will be traveling to nine different cities, scouting, hiring, training and managing beauty specialists who are representing two well-known beauty brands. Thank you D for always believing in me and my work ethic. I pride myself in always exceeding expectations and given how our first market went, I feel accomplished. 1/9 weekends complete!

In between all of this, I filmed a reality TV show for a popular streaming service and worked with a number of small businesses.

Meanwhile, my personal and romantic life was been a disaster. I had fallouts with people once close to me but, it's all a learning experience and all love.

When I said I wanted 2019 to be all about growth, it truly was.

A lot of growing pains, silent battles and self-check ups.

The way I, now, react in challenging situations shocks me - everytime. I have to give myself a pat on the back because the mental strength that I have gained in these last two years is not something I saw coming but, a change I can get behind! I'm proud of me.

As most of you know by now, making lists is my favorite pastime.

Here's a list of my 2019 Highlights:

1. Moving by myself at 25 years old.

2. Celebrating Mardi Gras with my best friend Tim.

3. My parent's first trip to New Orleans to see my coming of age.

4. My sister flying to Louisiana for the reunion, my most favorite surprise.

5. Working the New Orleans Jazz & Heritage Festival with Miller Light.

6. Recording 2 podcast episodes. (Stay tuned!)

7. My younger brother coming to visit me in April and then moving in with me in December.

8. Hosting new people at my home including someone I met via Twitter, hi Chelsey!

9. Not really a positive highlight but, getting my tonsils removed.

10. Seeing Anthony Flammia flourish during Essence Fest.

Check out his new project, see attached. It's been on rotation since it's release.

11. Collaborating with my best friend Janire to gift my oldest friend's daughter a savings account for her first birthday

12. Getting surprised on my 26th birthday. Real tears were shed!

There were party hats, an itinerary, my favorite people in my new city and love. I can't thank Nehaya and Katherine enough for doing this,

13. Filming a reality TV show.

I hate being in front of the camera because I'm accustomed to being behind the scenes. This experience was definitely out of my comfort zone. I'm both scared and excited for it's debut.

14. Getting flown out to Los Angeles by the very first client of my agency.

15. Being apart of a B Mike mural in my home state, New York.

Find me at the Vera Institute of Justice in Brooklyn.

16. Hosting my first gathering in my new home, an ugly sweater party and supporting my friend's business to cater the event.

Thank you Paola, the food was everything I wanted and more.

17. Running into my High School classmate, Crystal, at a latin club on Bourbon St.

18. Sisterhood of Traveling Reunion, we managed to make it happen!

Mia flew in from Peru, Adrianny took the train from Connecticut, Briana took the train from Maryland, I came in from Louisiana and Delwara hosted us. A night to remember..

19. Caught up with another one of my favorite vocalists, Karen Rodriguez!

20. Networked with a lot more people in New Orleans.

21. Survived a "hurricane"/tropical storm in Louisiana.

...ended up housing a couple of friends that later turned into a hurricane party.

22. Again, randomly bumping into a family friend I hadn't seen in over a decade: Emely!

23. Attending not 1, 2 but 3 Mardi Gras Balls in a $10 Amazon gown I got 48 hours before.

A first in my book! Thank you Bianca and Kat for inviting me to be your +1.

24. Went to a New Orleans Pelicans vs. Brooklyn Nets game with Will, who dances for the Brooklyn Nets ...except in New Orleans. I, also, hadn't seen him in over 7 years.

The year of reunions.

25. I put myself out there in ways I had never done before and have zero regrets.

It was tough year but, overall, I'm just happy to be here.

Every year progressively gets better and I'm anxious to see what this new decade brings!

I pray that you all have a smooth entrance into this new year, this new decade and that nothing but genuine happiness, success and love comes your way.

Spread love always, all ways.

Demi Diaz